PATS for Primary Schools

Pupil Academic Tracking System (PATS) is a comprehensive software developed by RJCAT for Primary Schools to track and monitor the results of the students from P3 to P6.

It analyses your current data and create a trend for projection.
It translates school results into PSLE T-Score Aggregate (within minutes).
It sets target for every student every subject based on overall T-Score Aggregate to Achieve.

Current Retail Price is $12,000 (Site License) which will shall include:
- Training for PATS Administrators (up to 3 Teachers)
- Workshop for Key Personel

For more details, please download PATS Write-Ups.


This version is for schools with Annual Service and Support.
- Close PATS if you are running it.
- Save pats_2017_11_06.rjcat (as PATS.exe into C:\PATS).

(This is not an installation file). If you need to install a new set of PATS into a new PC, you will need the installation Pak (Contact RJCAT).