Staff Resource Allocation and Deployment (SRAD)



Staff Resource Allocation and Deployment (SRAD) Management System is the latest Software Application developed by RJCAT.
In addition, it also include a FREE mini Staff Profiling Module which can help you maintain and track your staff profile over the years.

SRAD is SSOE Compliance and it runs on Windows Environment (32-bit and 64-bit). It is an OFFLINE Application and does not require any internet connection (No Security Issues).

The objective of SRAD is to simplify and streamline the process of allocating resources to staff and deploying them accordingly, ensuring that “RELEVANT” periods and hours are assigned to them. This is the Planning Stage prior to heading to your Time Tabling Software. Besides Academics (Teaching Subjects), it includes Form Class, CCAs, Committees, School Events and Others.

What you can get from the system is a series of reports that help you make optimal decisions and implement your allocations smoothly. The reports will show you the total hours "Allocated" to your staff based on their Departments, Positions and Sub-Grades.

If you are keen in SRAD, we will be glad to demo to you at your school without any obligation. Call us!

You may download the Write-Ups and Order Form fro the attachment below.


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