Subject Allocation and Management System


Subject Allocation and Management System (SAMS) is a windows application developed to help schools to manage and streamline their Secondary 2 Subject Combination processes.

SAMS is very organized. It is more than collecting students’ choices and collating them into an excel file. It actually does the allocation (15 to 20 seconds per cohort)!

SAMS optimizes the process of Allocation based on parameters setting and constraints defined. It is simple to use and can save tremendous amount of time.

It has many functions and procedures customised just to meet your requirement. For example, you can setup each option (Subject Combi) with criteria. Only Students who meet these criteria will be allowed to choose these options.

You can also offer Out-Of-Stream Subject to students who qualify. They will then decide whether to Accept or not during the Selection. If they accept, SCAPS will "upgrade" the subject automatically during allocation.

And when allocating Options to students, it will consider the Group Size, Option Availability, Subject Vacancy, Students' Merit, Qualifications and Choices. All these processes will be completed with seconds.

If you are keen in SAMS, we will be glad to demo the software to you at your school without any obligation. Call us! 

Please download SAMS Write-Up for more details.

Please note that SCAPS will remain relevant when schools change to Stream-LESS classes and Syllabus to G1, G2 and G3 format in 2024.

- Student login to a portal and opt for their choices.
  (No confidential data will be uploaded into Portal. Only Class, Regno and Name are loaded)
- These choices are loaded into SAMS
- SAMS will allocate automatically based on build-in algorithm and criteria.
- Generate all the necessary Reports

SAMS Parameters
- Criteria for Each Option
- Maximum Number of Students allow in Each Group
- Maximum Number of Students allow in Each Option
- Maximum Number of Students allow in Each Subject

Allocation Procedure
- Based on Merit (Weighted Subjects or Unweighted Subjects)
- Based on Option Qualified
- Based on Availability and Vacancy
- Manual (if necessary) for some of the students

If you provide us with all the criteria and constraints (an excel template will be provided for you to fill up), we will help you do the initial allocation. In another word, upon closing date of registration, you will get the allocation within 24 hours.
Criteria and Constraints
- Max Size and Criteria for each Option
- Max Size and Criteria for each Subject
- Max Size for each Sec 3 Class
- OOS Criteria

There are many reports available to make SAMS more complete. For example:
- Choice Statistics
- Allocation Statistics
- Sec 3 Subjects Statistics
- Sec 2 Results within Options Allocated
- Sec 2 Results within Sec 3 Classes Allocated
- Plus more

Package Price
$5800.00 which shall include
- Online Streaming Portal for students to register
- SAMS Software
- Training for SAMS Administrator (2 x 60mins)
- User Manual for SAMS Administrator and Students

For Schools with PAMS, your price is $4800.00.