Upgrade Service Support 2021

Order Form for Service and Support for Year 2021.

For Year 2021, you will receive a new version of PAMS (known as PAMS-21) on 14 Feb 2021. You may download PAMS-21 PDF to read more.

If you are keen in our Workshop for PAMS Administrators, there is a special bundle price.

You shall receive the following:
- Hotline & eMail Support
- Technical Support and Administrator
- Database & System Trouble-Shooting
- On-the-Web FAQ & Quick Guide

All downloads are Word Docx

General Service and Support for All Software
ITQ Specs  
Software Service Support New User
  Pupil Academic Monitoring System (PAMS) Order Form ITQ Specs
  Streaming Combination Allocation and Profiling System (SCAPS) Order Form ITQ Specs
  CCA Allocation System (CAS) Order Form ITQ Specs
  CCA Award Management System (CAMS) Order Form ITQ Specs
  Track & Field Meet Manager (FlashM) Order Form ITQ Specs

If the Total Amount is more than $6000, please download the Specification for the respective software and put up an ITQ in GeBiz (Kindly inform us the ITQ Number after posting).
For schools without contract for Year 2019, please contact [email protected] for details.

For Schools who have not purchased the above software and are keen to know more, you may contact [email protected] for Free Demo with No Obligation.